We supply hundreds of dispensaries with amazing brands. Holistic wholesale provides full spectrum support to sell in and sell through the highest quality cannabis in a diverse line-up of products for every type of cannabis consumer.

This is strane.
Strane can be found in so many places and form factors and it all starts with the unique cultivars cannabis customers and budtenders love. Nature and nurture, Strane showcases our skill at growing craft cannabis at scale.

Hand-picked cannabis worthy of a legend.
Trixie Garcia brainstormed with the team when we chose the name “hand picked”. Ever since we have collaborated with Garcia’s family to choose the strains, products, packages, merch, events, and charities worthy of a legend. It’s the most authentic and successful celebrity brand in the making.

The edible with all the feels.
Introducing new DO Drops, the edible with all the feels including Relax, Focus, Sleep, Energy, Relief and Mild. DO Drops have been reformulated to meet the customer where they are with balanced cannabis ratios, enhancing effects, and transcendent flavors.

It hits different.
First introduced in Oregon, Hellavated and its flavor-forward, potent line of products are now growing quickly across our markets. Customers love the well-priced vapes, edibles and joints with fun flavors like Bomb Popz, Mango Dragon, and OG Mint.

Sharing joints with friends.
Some things in life were made to be shared… like the joy you’ll get from Sunny Jays joint packs. Sunny Jays adds to our many multipack prerolls choices, which continues to be among the fastest growing subcategories in cannabis.

From seed to summit.
Avitas exists to satisfy the Northwest cannabis customer. Locally grown and with a broad product line, Avitas inspires ‘Seed to Summit’ outdoor living with quality cannabis.

Cannabis with evidence.
Cannaceutica will be the first true healthcare brand in the industry, studied to treat chronic pain at UC Irvine. Cannaceutica is a lab-tested formulation of broad-spectrum cannabis oil in a capsule and every bottle comes with an Easy Dose Chart to help people in chronic pain find their dose. It’s cannabis with evidence.

Grow with us.

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