Compassionate Experts

Josh Genderson

CEO, Founder

Josh has become one of the luminaries in the medical marijuana industry, having grown Holistic into a national medical and consumer goods company and retail dispensary chain. He directly oversees our operations in Maryland, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Washington, D.C., and California. Josh’s facilities in Washington, D.C. breed the high-CBD strains that parents have come to rely upon to treat their children’s seizure disorders. Josh launched Holistic based on the expertise he gained serving as President of Schneider’s of Capitol Hill, the Gendersons' third-generation, family-owned liquor store that is a staple of Washington, D.C., He has worked alongside his father, Richard Genderson, and played an instrumental role in the company’s growth. Similarly, Josh is a civic leader and generous contributor to charitable causes. He belongs to the Young Presidents Organization, and he serves as a Board Member of Hearts Delight, a subsidiary of the American Heart Association and American Stroke Association.

Barry Bass

Chief Financial Officer

Barry is primarily responsible for sourcing capital for our growth, helping to analyze and structure our various transactions and putting systems and controls in place to ensure accurate budgeting and reporting. Prior to joining Holistic, Barry was the Chief Business Officer at Willco, where he was involved in raising capital for a medical cannabis operation in Maryland, including the construction of a state-of-the-art cultivation and processing facility.  Prior to Willco, Barry was the Chief Financial Officer of Carr Properties in Washington, D.C., and before that he served as Chief Financial Officer of First Potomac Realty Trust (NYSE:FPO), where he helped the company complete its initial public offering.

Josh Bell

Chief Operating Officer

Josh oversees all of Holistic’s operations, including the development and management of Holistic’s cultivation, manufacturing and dispensary businesses. Prior to joining Holistic, Josh served as Vice President of Operations for another multi-state medical marijuana company where he was instrumental in leading its expansion from a single state operation to a national organization. In particular, Josh was responsible for successfully developing and opening six cultivation and processing operations, as well as leading operations teams in opening five New York State-licensed facilities in less than six months and a cultivation facility in Washington, D.C. in less than 60 days. This included hiring over 200 medical marijuana personnel in cultivation, retail, administrative, and finance positions. Josh was responsible for the day-to-day operations of ten medical dispensaries and over 100,000 square feet of controlled grow environments in six cultivation centers in Washington, D.C., Arizona, New York, Massachusetts, and Illinois.

Adam Kavalier

Chief Scientific Officer

Adam Kavalier leads Holistic’s science, processing, manufacturing, research and development teams. With 10+ years of experience in analytical chemistry with specialties in medicinal plants and cancer pharmacology, Adam is especially focused on the purification and isolation of active compounds using optimized solvent extraction, chromatography and distillation. He has helped Holistic develop and validate Standard Operating Procedures and Good Manufacturing Processes that ensure safe and consistent manufacturing of pharmaceutical grade products. Adam holds a Ph.D. in plant chemistry from City University of New York and The New York Botanical Garden, and continued his research at Cornell Medical College, where he focused on cancer bioenergetics. Adam’s research has resulted in more than 10 peer-reviewed publications and a patent.

Megan Shank

VP of Sales

Megan has 12+ years of leadership and sales experience in the healthcare market, ranging from pharmaceuticals to diagnostic testing and health education. Prior to working in the cannabis industry, Megan collaborated with pain management physicians and addiction specialists treating opioid dependence, leading her to become Clinical Liaison for a medicinal marijuana company in Illinois. She became an authority on medical marijuana research through clinical conferences with world renowned scientists and accredited CME cannabis courses, and has delivered hundreds of educational presentations about the therapeutic and palliative effects of medical marijuana. Megan also founded ANANDA Medical, a cannabis therapeutics, education, and research company, to empower physicians and patients to make use of the medicinal compounds of marijuana

Vince Canales

Chief Security Officer

Vince designed and oversees top-tier, reliable protection and transport for Holistic’s grow/process and retail locations in Maryland, and directs the local safety and security protocol teams in Holistic’s other markets. He currently serves as a member of the Bowie City Ethics Commission, is a member of the Maryland Police Training Commission, and is the President of the Maryland State Fraternal Order of Police. Vince served six years in the United States Air Force (USAF) and was awarded the National Defense Medal for Service during Operation Desert Storm. He is an alumnus of the prestigious Harvard Kennedy School Executive Education program.

Jamie Ware

Head of Compliance

Jamie ensures the compliance of Holistic’s cultivation, processing and dispensing operations. Jamie writes and implements Holistic’s Standard Operating Procedures, conducts compliance audits, and works with regulators across all markets. Prior to joining Holistic, Jamie worked with cannabis and healthcare companies as a government relations professional, ensuring their compliance with federal, state and local law. Jamie has received a number of awards for public interest work, has contributed to various publications, has presented at numerous national conferences, and serves on various community boards.

Rachel Genderson

Director of Marketing and Brand

Rachel’s responsibilities have included sales, marketing and branding, along with general operations for the Washington, D.C. companies. She brings experience in factory management and technology tracking to Holistic Industries, establishing its proprietary seed to sale tracking software and building out Holistic Industries dispensaries with a focus on retail strategy and branding.

Rachel’s career began with well-known tech start-ups in the fashion industry in New York City, where she built strong retail platforms and tracking systems. From there she advanced to apparel production, overseeing all domestic manufacturing for a major menswear brand. She shares Josh’s belief in supporting local communities, and at this company worked to bring manufacturing jobs back to the U.S.

John Brown

Chief Information Officer

John brings over 25 years of information technology experience and is responsible for designing and overseeing the implementation of Holistic’s IT strategy.  John spent over 10 years at one of the country’s largest banking institutions as part of the Strategic Technology Group where he focused solely on emerging internet technologies and for a short period in Consumer Systems Development at a second large financial institution.

After leaving banking he was CEO/CTO for two successful internet start-ups. During this time he designed and co-developed cloud based software and e-commerce procedures for industries that focused on health and fitness, industrial manufacturing, retail, and professional services.  

His focus for Holistic is to select, develop, and implement technology and associated procedures to ensure that Holistic can maximize production and product offerings to best serve our Holistic clients.