Title: Facility Maintenance Manager

Reporting to: Head Grower

Location: Capitol Heights, MD


Role Overview

The ideal candidate should have a Bachelor’s degree with a focus on horticulture, systems management, applied science, math or engineering. At least five years of relevant work experience with hydroponic systems, interior grow facilities, or large scale greenhouses. This role will be responsible for managing all aspects of the facilities maintenance and vendor relations. The candidate should understand basic horticulture and how production cycles work in large-scale agriculture. This position will work closely with and report to our Head Grower, assisting in all aspects and stages of Production. Key qualities this candidate should carry includes management and analytical skills, exemplifying dimensions of adaptability, problem solving and versatility. Must be able to work with vendors and technicians, have good customer service skills, and be proactive. Desired work ethic for this role is comprised of being detail oriented, highly organized, positive, enthusiastic, eager to learn and a good communicator. Ability to lift up to 50 lbs, and work on a ladder is required. Basic plumbing and electrical skills desired.

Responsibilities (include, but not limited to):

●      Schedule and track routine maintenance

●      Maintain positive working relationships with all vendors

●      Calibration and cleaning of pH, EC, and ORP Meters

●      Troubleshoot and repair:

●      Grow lighting

●       Bench system

●      Fertigation system

●     Ozone Sterilization Systems

●       Environmental controls

●      Condensate system

●      Participate in coordination with Assistant Head Grower, Lab Manager, and Post Harvest Manager

●      Maintain an organized and clean working environment

●      Understand and follow all safety protocols, compliance and SOPs

●      Assist Grow team in all aspects of cannabis cultivation and production


Holistic Industries offers benefits that reflect our commitment we have to our employees

            Competitive Compensation

            Comprehensive health and dental insurance

            Paid vacation and holidays


Please note, drug testing and background is a requirement for employment.


To Apply For This Position, please click on the  following link and complete the application, as well as upload your resume: