Title: Office Associate of Inventory and Logistics

Reporting to: Director of Operations, Chief Cultivation Officer

Location: Capitol Heights, MD


Role Overview


The ideal candidate should have at least one to two years of relevant work experience who can offer reliable support to the company’s Chief Cultivation Officer as an executive assistant, as well as to our cultivation facilities in efforts to initiate, build and maintain relationships with equipment vendors’ who will best serve our needs. The position will be responsible for maintaining regular contact with vendors and ensuring that all orders are submitted and delivered, as well as implementing Standard Operating Procedures relating to ordering, delivery and fulfillment and invoicing. The Inventory and Logistics Associate will also work toward resolving ordering and service issues as needed. In addition to overseeing equipment needs and ordering for the company’s multiple entities, this role will also support our Chief Cultivation Officer in various tasks working toward keeping deadlines met, meetings scheduled and relationships strong. Strong administrative skills are preferred. Key qualities necessary for this candidate includes extreme organizational skills, communication, versatility and problem solving. Must be able to take initiative and be proactive. Must have strong data entry skills including proficiency in Excel.  Ability to use Quick Books, a plus. 


Responsibilities (include, but not limited to):

·      Gathering and understanding the equipment needs of 3-6 cultivation facilities

·      Understanding budget for needs to be met

·      Building relationships with multiple vendors in various locations throughout the company footprint

·      Remain point of contact for vendors

·      Placing equipment orders and scheduling deliveries

·      Ensuring accurate delivery fulfillment

·      Documenting all invoices

·      Addressing any issues that arise in the ordering and fulfillment process

·      Keep track of inventory for each facility

·      Thoroughly communicate with the Chief Cultivation Officer on all stages of the position’s process

·      Work closely with the CCO on organizing and scheduling meetings, travel, and any other necessary attention needed to meet deadlines

·      Perform administrative assistance to CCO

Holistic Industries offers benefits that reflect our commitment we have to our employees.

            Competitive Compensation

            Comprehensive health and dental insurance

            Paid vacation and holidays


Please note, drug testing and background check is a requirement for employment.


Company Overview:

At Holistic Industries, our mission is to provide patients with the highest quality, safest cannabis medicine possible. Our medicine is designed to alleviate the symptoms of numerous medical conditions. As our name suggests, we care for the whole person, taking into consideration mental and social factors along with the physical symptoms of a disease or illness. This means our company develops and offers a wide range of proprietary strains that increase desired cannabinoids such as cannabidiol (CBD), with its low psychoactivity and lack of other side effects. These high CBD strains have become our foundation for creating safe medication for patients in need.

Founded in 2014, Holistic Industries was the first cultivation center to open in Washington D.C. and the first to bring CBD to market. Today we own and operate a total of five medical cannabis facilities in two states and the District of Columbia – and we are growing. Holistic facilities include cultivation centers, where we grow the highest quality, safest medical cannabis available; processing centers, where we develop and package medical cannabis products; and dispensaries, where we ensure our customers have the treatments they need.

We are looking to expand our team, which comprises the nation’s most knowledgeable experts in cultivation and medical dispensing, along with professionals who are top of their fields in medical professions, security, agriculture, real estate, and the legal distribution of other highly controlled substances. Our leadership includes public servants, thought leaders, investors, and representatives of one of the most established agricultural companies in Maryland.


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