Title: Facilities Manager

Reporting to: Director of Facilities, Chief Operating Officer 

Location: New Castle, PA


Role Overview

The ideal candidate for this role will possess 5 to 10 years of progressive management experience. Role will be responsible for the oversight and management of day-to-day facility operations and staff. Candidate should be proficient in business planning, reporting and budgeting. Responsible for monitoring, analyzing current systems and procedures of operations and production logistics to ensure that it’s effective. Must exercise good communication and interpersonal skills, as position often acts as a liaison between other company members, including managers of different areas of the organization. Be willing to present ideas, analysis and conclusions to higher management. Trains and supervises new employees and tracking and measuring staff performance. Ability to simultaneously see and address the big picture, as well as the finer details is imperative. Other necessary dimensions include leadership, efficiency, time management, prioritizing, delegation and performing well under pressure. Cannabis experience preferred.


Responsibilities (Include, but not limited to):


●      Understand big picture timeline – how Cultivation, Post Harvest and Processing departments coordinate and affect each other

●      System implementation, and ensuring the right employees are trained on right systems

●      Ensure all operational SOP’s are followed as outlined in Holistic Industries Policies and Procedures

●      Oversee all aspects of internal tracking and compliance

●      Manage Vendors and vendor contracts

●      Setting and reviewing budgets and managing costs, coordinating with COO

●      Oversee and approve ordering process and inventory management

●      Coordinate with security team to ensure security of the staff, facility and products

●      Oversee security key fob system, including internal workings and assigning and controlling access

●      Responsible for ensuring accuracy of seed-to-sale tracking

●      Manage weekly meetings between department heads

●      Employee relations, including interviewing, onboarding, scheduling, making pay/salary decisions and firing/discipline

●      Conduct facility tours

●      Knowledge and understanding of cannabis state laws

●      Coordinate facility maintenance as needed

●      Coordinate with HR/recruiting department

●      Maintain facility schedules

●      Maintain relationships with state officials and lead periodic compliance inspections

●      Compile and submit reports to executive management


Culture and Work Environment


At Holistic Industries, our mission is to provide patients with the highest quality, safest cannabis medicine possible. Our medicine is designed to alleviate the symptoms of numerous medical conditions. As our name suggests, we care for the whole person, taking into consideration mental and social factors along with the physical symptoms of a disease or illness. This means our company develops and offers a wide range of proprietary strains that increase desired cannabinoids such as cannabidiol (CBD), with its low psychoactivity and lack of other side effects. These high CBD strains have become our foundation for creating safe medication for patients in need.

Founded in 2014, Holistic Industries was the first cultivation center to open in Washington D.C. and the first to bring CBD to market. Today we own and operate a total of ten medical cannabis facilities in four states and the District of Columbia – and we are growing. Holistic facilities include cultivation centers, where we grow the highest quality, safest medical cannabis available; processing centers, where we develop and package medical cannabis products; and dispensaries, where we ensure our customers have the treatments they need.

We are looking to expand our team, which comprises the nation’s most knowledgeable experts in cultivation and medical dispensing, along with professionals who are top of their fields in medical professions, security, agriculture, real estate, and the legal distribution of other highly controlled substances. Our leadership includes public servants, thought leaders, investors, and representatives of one of the most established agricultural companies in Maryland.


Holistic Industries offers benefits that reflect our commitment we have to our employees.

            -Competitive Compensation

            -Comprehensive health insurance

            -Paid vacation, sick leave and holidays


Please note, a background check is a requirement for employment.

To Apply For This Position, please click the following link and complete the application, as well as upload your resume: